Color pencil on poster board by the artist Don Karen Ann in the style of an Art Nouveau advertisement poster.

16 x 20 limited print available.

"Rosette" by DKA


Workshops and Presentations

Understanding the Modes of Vibration as an Influence on Soundboard Design

This workshop features a demonstration, based on the work of eighteenth century musician and physicist Ernst Chiladni, of modal vibration patterns on a guitar soundboard plate. We will discuss the practical implications behind the experiment in terms of how various soundboard bracing patterns interact with the modes, and the resulting influence on the tonal characteristics of well known or historic soundboard designs.

April 15, 2012- Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society Festival; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

April 21, 2012- Salisbury University Guitar Festival and Competition; Salisbury, Maryland.

June 22, 2013- Lehigh Valley Classical Guitar Festival; Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


The Evolution of Modern Classical Guitar Design

This workshop will address the changes in classical design, from the 19th Century work of Antonio de Torres to the emergence of the instrument on the modern concert stage. I will present a general overview of variations in internal bracing, the use of traditional and synthetic materials, and the forces that may shape the instrument in the future.

May 5, 2013- Wilmington Classical Guitar Society, pre-concert lecture; Wilmington, Delaware.

January 31, 2015- Lancaster Classical Guitar Society, pre-concert lecture; Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


The History, Design, and Technique of Classical Guitar Ornamentation

This workshop features a brief history of ornamental design, and its general lineage to the present-day classical guitar. I will describe design and construction techniques with particular focus on the mosaic rosette.

This workshop includes a hands-on demonstration of mosaic rosette construction with a limited number of workshop participants.

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April 10, 2011- Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society Festival; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Future workshops will be announced on my Facebook page.



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